LWT BYOD and Parent Funded Solutions

Learning with Technologies has been assisting schools with BYOD and Parent Funding Models for over 5 years now and have a wide range of offerings to assist in most circumstances.

There are multiple ways to implement parent funding models and below we look at the pros and cons of each offering.

The most important outcome you’ll achieve from managing your BYOD program other than reducing a lot of the headache is better uniformity across devices will lead to better learning outcomes in the classroom.

What we offer

Choice of devices, accessories and insurance – We offer a wide range of education devices from Acer, Lenovo and HP so you can your parents of choice of device and brand while creating uniformity and improving teaching environments.

Managed BYOD Order Portal – For direct parent purchase with online finance options.

LWT Collection Portals – Assist school in collecting money from parents automatically through an online sign up for recurring billing.

Complimentary Parent Nights – Our BYOD Specialist are happy to attend your parent nights to help assist in promoting your BYOD portal

Pre Imaging of Units - With all solutions LWT can pre image devices to ensure they are ready to use out of the box

Onsite Service - LWT maintains onsite service at school in LWT Service Areas with all solutions. School can act as first level support or parents can log direct with LWT

Online Reports – You view all your payments and orders from parents online at www.lwt.com.au under our my accounts section

BYOD Support – LWT can provide onsite technical services to help maintain your program with a technician to do provide helpdesk support, repairs, collect excesses, reimage units and provide technical support.

Your School IT Policy - We can make your IT Policy part of the order process so students have to agree to it before ordering.

36 Month Payment Plans – We use 36 month payment plans that are approved online. These plans not only help spread the cost for parents but also means the device is fully paid for at the end of 36 months* so parents avoid unnecessary interest. Most interest free plans can leave parents owing a substantial amount at the end of the period as the minimum repayment pays only a portion of what is owing. *As long as all payments are made

Aus Post Store Pick up or School Delivery - We can delivery direct to your parents so they can pick up at their local Aus Post or we can deliver to your school fully label with parent and student names.

Below looks at each of these services as well as our recommended solution and things to avoid.

+ Avoiding Bring-Your-Own-Disaster

+ What is a Collection Portal?

+ What is a Managed Order Portal?

+ Our Recommended Solution

+ Online Reporting

+ BYOD Onsite Support

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