Tired of handling BYOD - Get an LWT BYOD Technician

BYOD can be great for shifting costs but the headache of dealing with end user problems can be incredibly time consuming for your technicians.

LWT has a solution.

Hire a LWT BYOD Technician at our highly competitive rates and we'll handle all the following so your technicians can focus on keeping all the important stuff running.

  • Diagnosing Faults and Logging Repair Jobs
  • Insurance Claims and Excess Collection
  • Out of Warranty Repairs and payment collection
  • Handle software faults and reimaging of machines
  • Completion of any Warranty, Non Warranty or Insurance Repair Work*
  • We manage outstanding jobs

Best of all any Warranty or Insurance Work completed by your LWT BYOD Tech means you get a rebate back.

Depending on your size you can choose to employ a technician for as little as 3 hours a week or up to and including a full time technician. We’ll schedule the technician to be onsite the same time every week so everyone will know which days and when they can get service provided.

This allows you to build a much more consistent experience for your students, staff and parents which will reduce complaints and improve the outcome of your BYOD program.

If you’re ready to end the headache and would like to know more call 1300 550 717 or email sales@lwt.com.au.

* On devices where LWT is an authorised repairer

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